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Desk chair

chair front.png
chair back.png

For the chair's design I referenced a wooden chair we had in the studio, and modified its measurements when pieces needed to be bulked up or lengthened to accommodate other set pieces. It's made from a combination of polycarbonate and plastic casts of carved foam prototypes. The base polycarbonate plate is tapped in six places so the legs and bottom back rest can screw on with   6-32 bolts. The smaller elements are pegged together with 1/16" brass tubes. 

chair blueprints edit.png
chair pieces.jpg

Zoe's door

final door.JPG

final wall and door


door illustrator file for laser cutting 

I laser cut and engraved Zoe's door to include space for the hinges and its recessed paneling. I then installed it in an MDF wall I made with a bass wood doorframe and trim. Its doorknob is made of brass tubing, petg, masonite, and cast plastic.


door knob

door unpainted.JPG



responsible for bedding and other fabric elements  

bra detail photo

The mattress was made with upholstery foam glued to a smaller 1/4 MDF platform which was covered in flannel and screwed to the bed frame made by Hannah Griffin. 

For the comforter, I used quilt batting and a thin outer fabric, which had 1/16 wire stitched around the edges to pose and tie it to the bed frame. 

Zoe's pillow was made of carved foam lined with 1/16" wire. A fabric pillow case lined with 24 guage wire was then glued onto it. More 1/16" wire is stitched to the back and tied down to the side of the bed frame.

responsible for bedding and curtains   

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