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Elliot puppet fabrication

pose sheet.png

Early character concept art

responsible for body sculpt and mock costume

responsible for costume


Elliot's shorts have 24 gauge wire sewn in the hem of each leg opening which lead to the waistband for control and posing during animation. I sculpted his shoes with a sole and upper width to be coated in balloon rubber, and glued on fabric pieces for the body of the shoes.

pattern pieces


body clayup and mold

Elliot set fabrication

Elliot layout.png

Set concept art 

mockup layout.png

responsible for cardboard mock sets

Rock build

rock progress 03.JPG
rock progress 04.JPG
final rock.jpg

The rock is carved out of pink foam made to nest around a hollow wood structure for Elliot to be rigged to. The rock and its MDF base were then covered with fabric and texture painted on.

Hill and tree

hill process.png

I developed our fabrication process for all of the hills and mid-ground trees in Elliot through these first example set pieces. Each hill was set on a piece of MDF, and made with vertical ribs of plywood traced from my mock ups. Wire mesh was stretched and glued over the ribs, and the negative space was stuffed with paper to keep their form. They were then covered with fleece and painted with acrylics. 


Our trees were made in 2.5D with flat cardboard backs and horizontal ribs creating the volume. Wire mesh was stretched over the form, and stuffed with paper. They were each set on a piece of MDF, covered with flannel and painted with acrylics.  

elliot hill.png
elliot tree.png

Responsible for tree, plants by Hunter Molock

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