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Mr. Mantis armature

I molded Mr. Mantis' body in two parts, so that he'd have one polycarbonate pelvis for each set of legs. They attach together after casting with a pair of 6-32 lock nuts. I gave him hard elbows and lower knees so they could stay pronounced in various poses through his costume. He also needed a void between his pelvis and ribcage, and carved foam barged on in his upper torso and shoulder area. His extra bug thorax is slush cast urethane, with a vacu-formed top to hide the armature attachment inside of it.

full flat polycarbonate pattern

armature perspective layout.png

polycarbonate pelvises diagram

armature profile layout.png

finished armature turnaround

Slush cast thorax with vacu-form top

Silicon cast

Final silicon turnaround

Mr. Mantis was cast with a full body paint in of a lighter green and some brown details in his shoulders and fingertips to give his skin some dimension.


Mr. Mantis body molds

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