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practical selfie asset

A large part of Symbiotic's storyline includes a photo of two characters on Zoe's computer. Originally, while assessing the amount of time and fabricators we had, we figured it'd have to be a digital painting. We ended up with a couple weeks of free time between turning in a "final" version of Symbiotic to SCAD and the actual end of year showcase, so without any more post-work to complete I decided I'd have enough time to replace the painted selfie with a practical photo. 

Kari pass.png

Mock up social media and selfie painting- done by our animators in the fall quarter 

Final social media and selfie painting for early deadline- responsible for all except profile pic painting 

Final social media and practical selfie photos- responsible for 2D assets and head, hair, costume fabrication

Head sculpts


Once cast in plastic, trenches are dremeled into the lows of the sculpt to recieve the base of the hair wefts, which are glued in and styled to lay over the sculpt. Maya's ponytail is made with foam barged onto 1/16" wire and carved into shape, with hair styled and glued over top.  


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