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Responsible for initial shot set up, Mr. Mantis puppet fabrication, all costume fabrication, all prop and set fabrication, and edited wallpaper graphic

Dead Mr. Mantis body

Another front half of Mr. Mantis is cast with a basic armature, and dressed in a second shirt, with a few changes in the rigging and patterning to have the top of his shirt and sleeve cuffs unbuttoned. His neck is dressed with a propoxy spine piece, and painted in camera with silicon to create the gore on his injury and down his front. 

(Responsible for torso void, shoulder foam, hands, registration, and silicon casting)

Collar + open button plackets, tie, and open sleeve cuffs rigged with 24 gauge wire 

Tinted silicon is mixed and painted onto his injury and chest in camera 

Mr. Mantis head leftovers

Casts of his head and eye pieces are dremeled, vacu-formed, and painted. Veg was made from a combination of propoxy, cast plastic, vacu-forming, and five minute epoxy. A bed of leaves is made from painted wired fabric.

finished head.JPG

To cheat the perspective of the table and dish to camera, I made an exaggerated table top that sits at an angle large enough to bleed the frame, and screwed the head and plate down with a wedge under the back to further cheat them towards camera.

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