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Mr. Mantis costume

Final character design and turnaround

final puppet turnaround


Mr. Mantis' clothes aren't fitted, so the inside is backed with approximately 430 pieces of buckram which control the drape of the wrinkles, folds, and pleats through animation. The collar on his shirt is lined with 24 guage wire that attaches with a washer and bolt into a threaded tap in the back of his ribcage. The edge of his tie is similarly lined with 24 guage wire which attaches into the front of his ribcage

Costume pattern

Costume details

Mrs. Mantis costume

Costume concept and mock costume

Final puppet turnaround (responsible for costume)

skirt wire.jpg
skirt wire close.jpg

Bodice pattern & previous pattern iterations

mrs front skirt screws.JPG
mrs side skirt screws.JPG

The skirt of Mrs. Mantis' dress has twisted 24 guage wire sewn along the hem, with ten vertical leads to control the drape. Each lead attaches into the pelvis with washers and bolts. the wire sewn into the edge of her collar and lapel continue down the button placket in the front, and attach at the front of her pelvis. The wire leads at the back of her collar attach to the top of her ribcage. 

Costume details

Zoe costume

zoe costume options.png

Costume concepts

stripe options.png

shorts stripe deliberation

Final puppet turnaround (Responsible for costume)

zoe costume layout.jpg

Zoe's costume is much smaller and form fitted, so she only needed single 24 gauge wire in the hem of her shorts legs, which lead and attach to the sides of her pelvis. The drawstrings are lined with single 28 gauge wire. 

Monster Mrs. Mantis costume

Final puppet turnaround (Responsible for costume)

We wanted Mrs. Mantis' transformation to show off the insect features previously hidden beneath her long dress, so to give her a dangerous, femme fatale look for her murderous scenes I put her in a short slip dress in her signature color. The skirt hem is lined with 24 gauge wire, with six vertical leads attaching to threaded taps in her pelvis.

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